Our story begins with a deep love for the arts and a desire to share those awe-inspiring moments when artists take the stage to do what they love. What started as a passion soon grew into a commitment to our community, supporting aspiring college students from Fanshawe, OIART, Metalworks, and Western, helping them translate classroom theories into real-world practice.

But our journey didn’t stop there. We ventured into the world of technical innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. From harnessing Unreal Engine’s real-time rendering to utilizing AI for audio mastering and noise reduction, we’ve always been at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.

Our partnerships with renowned brands like Dolby, Sennheiser, Neumann, and others have solidified our reputation for quality and excellence. We take pride in offering products and services that meet the highest standards.

When the pandemic hit and the entertainment industry faced unprecedented challenges, we didn’t back down. Instead, we adapted and thrived. We created virtual forests using Unreal Engine, recorded entire choir albums remotely, and broke molds to deliver unforgettable experiences.

At ABSTRKT Inc, we view AI as a powerful tool, not a threat to job security. Our goal is to empower artists and improve industry standards, one innovative solution at a time.

As we transition from DJMLive Inc to ABSTRKT, we’re building a webstore, developing AI tools for workflow enhancements, and expanding our reach. Our online presence is evolving to engage a broader audience, sharing our industry insights and experiences.

Our collaboration with ProCrewz revolutionizes crew management, ensuring efficiency and excellence in our operations. Education and support are fundamental to our values. We’re dedicated to teaching the next generation and providing opportunities for artists and marginalized communities to thrive.

Above all, we champion the rights of artists, ensuring they have access to essential benefits like CPP, EI, WSIB, and liability insurance.

Join us on our journey of creativity, innovation, and community empowerment. ABSTRKT Inc is more than a production company; we’re a movement dedicated to shaping the future of entertainment and music.

01. Consult

Book a consult to discuss the logistics of your projects, concert, or event. Explore options, build budgets, and create a plan

02. Design

Use 3D renders, and production design to visualise and evaluate the details of your project. Curate the artistic vision, and create compelling visuals to dazzle your guests

03. Produce

Roll out and execute the plan of attack, advance logitics, schedule crew, and finalize equipment and infrastructural details

04. Execute

Final details, load-in, technical rehearsals, soundcheck equipment and execute the show. Every show is special

Hours Worked
Shows Completed
Hours Slept