Stage Pirates & Technical wizards
We’re not just your average event technicians, stagehands, riggers, and heavy machinery operators – we’re a crew of gritty buccaneers sailing the tempestuous seas of entertainment with a rebellious edge. Armed with wrenches, ropes, and a taste for adventure, we’re the ones who hoist the sails of stagecraft, turning chaos into captivating shows.
But don’t mistake our swashbuckling ways for mere bravado. We’re not just chasing fame and fortune; we’re champions of worker rights and believers in a greater philosophy. With a heart as big as the ocean, we stand strong for fair compensation, safe seas to navigate, and a crew that’s treated with the respect they deserve. Our creed is not just about nailing the technicalities, but about empowering every member of our crew.
From rigging towering structures with the precision of seasoned pirates to commanding heavy machinery like captains of old, we’re united by a shared philosophy – one that values every cog in the wheel, every plank in the ship. We’re not just raising the curtains; we’re raising the stakes for what it means to be part of this industry. So, as we navigate the stormy waters of live shows, know that our gritty, dirty-stage pirate edge is more than just a façade; it’s a testament to our unyielding commitment to worker rights and a philosophy that sets our compass true.