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ABSTRKT: Crafting Spectacular Moments at Ever After

In the realm of music festivals, Ever After 2018 stood as a true spectacle, an otherworldly experience where music, art, and innovation converged. At the heart of this electrifying event was ABSTRKT, a creative powerhouse that brought dreams to life. In this blog post, we take you on a journey through Ever After 2018, showcasing ABSTRKT’s pivotal role in designing B-Stage content, managing main stage productions, and orchestrating an army of 60 crew members and technicians across two festival sites.

Main Stage Management: Where the Magic Unfolds

The main stage is the epicenter of any music festival, and Ever After 2018 was no exception. ABSTRKT assumed the role of production and stage management, ensuring that this colossal stage was a well-oiled machine ready to deliver an unforgettable show.

From lighting to sound to stage design, every detail was executed flawlessly. ABSTRKT’s expertise ensured that the artists who graced the main stage had the perfect canvas for their performances. The result was a mesmerizing symphony of sight and sound that left festival-goers with memories to last a lifetime.

Creating Magic on the B-Stage

While the main stage often takes the spotlight, the B-Stage is where unique moments are born. ABSTRKT understood this intimately and took on the task of designing, managing, and deploying B-Stage content that would leave festival-goers in awe.

From the visual storytelling to the immersive experiences, every element was meticulously crafted. ABSTRKT’s mastery of blending technology, art, and innovation transformed the B-Stage into a realm of wonder. It became a space where music and visuals danced in perfect harmony, creating unforgettable memories for those fortunate enough to witness it.


Orchestrating a Symphony of Talent and Machinery

Behind every unforgettable festival moment is a dedicated team, and Ever After 2018 boasted a formidable crew of 60 professionals. These were not just any crew members; they were the backbone of the festival, wielding heavy machinery, managing technical logistics, and ensuring the seamless execution of ABSTRKT’s vision.

The festival’s two-site setup added another layer of complexity, but ABSTRKT’s leadership and coordination ensured that both sites operated as one harmonious entity. The festival’s success hinged on the precise execution of complex logistics, and ABSTRKT’s team delivered without a hitch.


Design and deploy content for B-Stage
Oversee 60 crew and technicians on site
Main Stage management and production management

The Alchemy of Artistry and Precision

Ever After 2018 was more than a music festival; it was a testament to the power of creativity, innovation, and precision. ABSTRKT’s involvement elevated the festival to new heights, shaping moments that transcended entertainment and became memories etched in the hearts of festival-goers.

As we reflect on Ever After 2018, one thing is clear: ABSTRKT’s ability to merge artistry and precision is a force to be reckoned with. They remind us that in the world of music festivals, the line between dreams and reality is often blurred, and that’s where the true magic happens

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