Neumann KH120 II AES67


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Elevate your audio experience with the Neumann KH120 II AES67 Monitor, a testament to Neumann’s commitment to delivering unparalleled audio quality and seamless connectivity. This studio monitor combines precision engineering with the latest AES67 networking technology to provide an audio solution that sets new standards in professional sound reproduction.

Unmatched Audio Clarity

The KH120 II AES67 Monitor carries forward Neumann’s legacy of sonic excellence. Its outstanding audio clarity and precise sound reproduction make it an invaluable tool for audio engineers, musicians, and content creators who demand the highest level of quality.

Seamless Network Integration

With the integration of AES67 networking technology, the KH120 II monitor opens up new possibilities for seamless audio networking. This allows for flexible routing and control over IP networks, making it an ideal choice for modern audio production workflows.

Incredible Versatility

This studio monitor offers a range of inputs, from analog to digital, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of audio sources. Whether you’re connecting microphones, instruments, or mixing consoles, the KH120 II AES67 Monitor adapts effortlessly to your setup.

Optimized for Precision

The KH120 II is designed for accuracy. It features precise dispersion and detailed sound imaging, enabling you to make critical audio decisions with confidence. Whether you’re mixing, mastering, or simply enjoying high-fidelity audio, this monitor delivers every nuance of your sound.

Sturdy and Reliable

Built with the rigors of professional use in mind, the KH120 II AES67 Monitor boasts robust construction and Neumann’s renowned build quality. It’s designed to withstand the demands of studio life, ensuring consistent performance over the long term.

User-Friendly Control

The intuitive control interface on the front panel allows for quick and easy adjustments, ensuring that you can fine-tune your audio without complications. LED indicators keep you informed about your settings at a glance.

The Future of Audio Networking

Neumann’s commitment to innovation and quality is epitomized by the KH120 II AES67 Monitor. Whether you’re in the studio, a live sound environment, or using it for broadcast applications, this monitor is at the forefront of the audio networking revolution.

Experience Audio Excellence

When you demand the highest level of audio quality, precision, and network connectivity, the Neumann KH120 II AES67 Monitor is your partner in achieving perfection. Elevate your audio projects and bring out the full potential of your sound with this exceptional studio monitor.

Discover the future of audio networking with Neumann and experience sound like never before.


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